Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sooooooo...I just need to say that we LOVE MARY!!!! If it wasn't for Mary our trip to Dallas would not have been as successful! She was such a blessing to have...she took Hannah's mind off of things, comforted her and made us ALL laugh. Her AND her family have turned out to be exactly what we needed in our lives for many reasons! THANK YOU MARY....

and NOW you have been BLOGGED! <3

Monday, April 23, 2012

Long Time...No Blog

Today is April 23rd which means we went to Scottish Rite last week. Not too much happened except that we had a GREAT road trip and a little new information. Hannah has some good cartilidge in her hip which can be fixed. The bone on the other hand is basically ruined. We scheduled another appointment for June 18th where the doctor will do an MRI and then we will consult with the Chief of Staff of the Leg-Perthes Clinic as well as the surgeon who will do her surgery. She will have to have more than one surgery. One that will be exploritory and then depending on what they find at that time, another to "repair". So for right now we are still dealing with waiting and pain but Hannah is a strong young woman...the strongest I know. Keep praying for her! I will keep you all posted. New pictures to come from our road trip too! <3