Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 16

Well this past Monday was one of the worst nights that we have had. Or maybe it was all kind of runs together sometimes. Hannah went to the races with her best friend and it was an all day event. She was careful but I think even being careful has its consequences. I could tell that she was sore but as she was sitting at the dinner table eating a late dinner, she texted me that she needed help. (I was only in the living room) I went in to help her and she couldn't even stand up. After some deep breathes she let me wrap my arms around her and pull her up. She fell into my chest and sobbed. She told me that she was just tired of feeling this way and relying on others to help her do simple tasks. I let her cry and reminded her how very much I love her and that we WILL get through this together. I also explained to her that "together" didn't just mean me & her or even our family of 4...but ALL the people that love and care about her. I can say with complete honesty that she is the stroungest, bravest, most wonderful young woman that I know. I really do love her with all my being and am looking forward to our visit to Dallas & Scottish Rite in April. Keep the prayers and comments coming!!! Love Rhonda & Hannah <3

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Day 11-ish

No news is good news, right? I think that's how the saying goes anyway.
Ya' know one thing that has been really difficult on me as well as Hannah is trying to adjust what her priorities are. When all of this started she was a Dancer, and a Soccer player, and wanted to try out for Volleyball...and she loved to Run and a form of emotional outlet. She is a very typical teenager...she wants to roam the walkways of the mall with her friends. She wants to run around in the sunshine as Spring slowly starts to approach...but I have to tell her "No". Sometimes I give in just so she doesn't lose all of her experiences. Yesterday I let her go to watch the races with a friend. It was an all day event which meant lots of walking. Then she headed to the mall, etc....Today she is paying the price. We've used some pain medication and some Bio-Freeze. She was in bed by 8:20. Approximately 1.5 months until Scottish Rite Hospital. I just hope she (we) can all hang in the with good spirits until then. Keep us in your prayers~
Rhonda & Hannah