Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Set in Stone

OK...well today was better than yesterday! We have some things finally set in stone so that we can get started!

Please copy and print the registration form below:

                       BENEFIT   FOR   HANNAH
                                                Disc-Golf Tournament Registration Form

June 23, 2012
12:00 NOON
games, crafts, baked goods & food for sale

Form and payment can be mailed to:
Hannah McGee
4625 FM 2920 Box #159
Spring Tx 77388

NAME: _____________________________________________
PHONE #: __________________________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS: ____________________________________

Please mail in registration no later than June 20th

late registration day of tournament is $25

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Heartache :/

I'm just feeling really discouraged this morning. I could tell Hannah was hurting last night. She had a good weekend at the Ranch but it's a long ride there and back. Then I went over the weekend to check the PO Box that we got and it was still empty...I am grateful for the people that have helped out as much as they could but I am feeling like we aren't going to be able to make these things happen. EVERY penny helps. I have only had about 7 people say that they could help with a bake/craft/garage sell, so we are possibly going to have to push that back. I hate asking for help. And I'm just really tired.....
Stay tuned; I know God has a plan~

Monday, May 28, 2012

Just to put Hannah's story at the top of the blog again for those of you reading it for the first time...and THANK YOU SO MUCH!

When Hannah was about 11 years old she started complaining to her Dad and I about pain in her right hip. At first it wasn't constant, so we chalked it up to growing pains and gave her some ibuprofen and sent her to bed. After this went on for about 6 months and started to become more painful we decided to have x-rays done. The x-rays showed abnormalities and the doctor ordered an MRI. At this time we had no medical insurance so an MRI was out of the question. We went back and forth trying different doctors, struggling with paying the majority of our paychecks to have insurance and fighting Medicaid/CHiP. It's really one thing to have your little babies sick and them not be able to verbalize their pain...when your "big" babies can tell you exactly what is wrong and how much it hurts, it tugs at completely different heart strings! Travis's
 mom helped us pay for an MRI and we got 2 different diagnosis---Avascular Neucrosis or Leg Calves Perthesis Disease. Honestly they are basically the same thing but if it is A.V. it developed over time and if it is L.C.P.D. she was born with it. What all that means is that the ball of her femur has NO circulation to it and the bone is dead. This has over the years deteriorated and has been shoved up into her pelvis through being an active child. Active meaning that she played soccer, danced, ran, jumped, and played until it was so bad that her leg is at this point 1.5" shorter than her left leg. She has literally sat in my lap and cried and there has been nothing I could do for her.   :' (   The doctors wanted to put her on pain killers until she was done growing and surgery turned into an option. Since I am a drug and alcohol therapist that was NOT an option for me. To me they were handing her an addiction! We have kept pain meds on hand in case of really horrible pain, but we always try to handle it with ibuprofen and ice packs as well as some accupuncuture and chiropractic treatments.

ANY donations can be mailed to :
Hannah McGee
4625 FM 2920 Box #159
Spring Tx 77388


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Well this morning I went to Old Town Spring, HEB, and Walmart and passed out some of the flyers about Hannah. I hope people didn't think I was crazy and weird. We are getting closer and closer to our June 18th trip and we are in desperate need of donations. This is much harder than I thought it was going to be. I'm sure that if it were easy there are those people that would try and raise money just so they didn't have to work...I'm a hard working Mom who just wants to take care of her daughter...If you are reading this blog and there is ANYTHING that you can do to help Hannah, please send donations to...
Hannah McGee
4625 FM 2920 Box # 159
Spring Tx 77388

Monday, May 21, 2012

Lots to report and update. Hannah is doing ok...she describes a good day as "her normal".
JUNE 9, 2012 = Bake/Craft Sale ... details as to where coming very soon!
JUNE 23, 2012 = Disc Golf Tournament @ Northside Christian Church. Registration details to follow soon!
Again, Thank you for all of your support!
Rhonda & Hannah

Saturday, May 12, 2012

LOTS O STUFF GOING ON! So our next appointment is June 18th in Dallas at Scottish
Rite. Up until then we will try to raise money so that we can get there...we have a post office box set up for ANY donations:
Hannah McGee
4625 FM 2920 #159
Spring Tx 77388

We will also have a benefit concert in July. You can check in here for details or go to Hannahs Story (Hannah McGee) on FACEBOOK.
Thank you All for EVERYTHING <3

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

i love yo guys so much.

i just wanna go through,& individually thank some people for being here for me lately.
MOM: i know this has been quite hard for you, sitting here,& watching me in pain, & such. but thank you for always being here for me, even when i didn't want you to be, you refused,& stuck by my side.
ANNIE: you have been here for me through everything,& i wouldn't have made it this far with your constant advice, & understanding.<3
MARY: thank you so much, for tagging along with me to appointments,& such. & thank you for involving your sweet family to help me with these things.
RENEE: wow, not only are you my lovely boyfriend's mom, but you act as my mom as well, & including my nurse. you have been so helpful throughout this process. & i couldn't be happier that i have you here by my side constantly.
GARRETT: babe, we have been through so much together, & boy am i glad that you stuck with me through this. on my worst days, you remind me that things are going to get better,& that you will be right by my side when that happens.
LINDSEY: i know we have only spoken on occasion, once. but our emails help me know that there is one more person out there that cares,& understands.