Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 1 (the real one)

WOW!!! What a day! We got up at 5:00am. Something pretty normal for Hannah and Travis but not so much for me...Renee made it over and we were headed downtown to Shriners. It really is a beautiful place...We were on the 5th floor and could see quite a bit of downtown! It was a gorgeous morning. Everything went quickly and everyone was so nice and considerate. At one point Travis was looking through his wallet for some change in the cafeteria and the lady that had been working the front desk brought him change. Travis & Hannah went to have her vitals done then we went back and answered tons of questions. Next it was off to x-rays. Finally a doctor and a couple of students came in to examine Hannah and look at the x-rays. To make a lot of "doctor lingo" short, the doctors decided that she has arthritis that is so advanced in that hip that she will have to have a replacement surgery. BUT Shriners does NOT do replacement surgery..... Hannah was so disappointed! We all were. We had such high hopes and expectations. The doctor also told Hannah that she is not going to be able to run a marathon like she wants to...that was the point when I think her heart broke into a billion pieces. I can't put into words how much it hurts to have to sit and watch as your child's simple dream is yanked out from under her.  It felt like we were back at square one again.
     Instead of just sending us out the door though, the people at Shriners told us EXACTLY what to do next. Who to go to and phone numbers and referrals, etc etc etc...They were fantastic! So the next few decisions and steps we will start taking tomorrow. At the same time we applied to Shriners we applied to Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas and she was accepted there as some phone calls and a trip there at the end of April!
     Life changing journey's don't happen over night, so keep praying for us and I will update often!!!
Rhonda & Hannah

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