Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 5 (yes we skipped Day 4)

Hannah very rarely complains about pain but I can see it on her face sometimes. It breaks my heart. I would do anything to take her pain away...Today I mailed in the CHiP application and I will send the Harris Co. Hosp. District app tomorrow. We did find out other good things at Shriners the other day...I need to try and get Hannah on SSI. I hate to label her in ANY way at all but technically she has a disability and that's what things like SSI are for and DARS too. She could possibly get her college paid for. 100%...what a miracle THAT would be! She is so smart and positive that she deserves to be able to be the very best she can be. Right now we are kind of at a wait and see point. I think that's another one of the hardest parts....hurry up and wait.
I'll fill ya in soon!!!  <3 MY HANNAH <3

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