Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 6

UUGGHHHH! Today I found out that Hannah can only miss one more day of school and still be exempt from finals! Has anybody seen a study guide for a high school final lately??? CrAzY!!! You can only miss a total of 4 days for the entire year and she has missed 3. Why does this suck you might ask?!?!? Well her appointment for Scottish Rite in Dallas is on a Wednesday...a Wednesday is the only option. We were hoping for a Thursday or Friday to make it a weekend road trip and so that she could tour TCU (Texas Christian University) at the same time! That won't happen....Oh Well....first things first right?!?
Today was ok...I didn't see her much because I took Hollee to Karate. She did seem in good spirits as we watched American Idol though. Looking forward to the weekend as usual...may not Blog until then~

Much Love~

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